Custom towbars and modifications 

Having a tow bar and being able to tow a caravan or other kind of trailer is part of the true kiwi lifestyle. 

We can custom make towbars or drop hitch tongues to suit any kind of vehicle or heavy machinery. Having many years experience in Heavy Vehicle industry we know what it takes to build a strong and reliable tow bar.                        

We can custom make a towbar to suit your lifted vehicle - suitable for 4wd vehicles that have been raised. We can repair or modify any towbar to suit any vehicle or towing needs. Raising your towball higher or lowering it down to suit what you are wanting to tow.

some of the towbars we have made...


  • Towbar Modification

  • Trailer Drawbars

  • Tongues to suit all height vehicles

  • Drop tongues for raised vehicles

  • Modified Towbars

  • Nissan Safari Towbar Modification

  • Tongues for all Towbars

  • Bus and Truck Towbars

Custom Towbar Builds and Modification